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family variety pack

family variety pack

2x peanut butter chocolatey bars
1x mint chocolate chip ba
1x coconut chocolate chip bar
1x chewy nutty peanut chocolatey
1x white chocolatey cookies and cream bar
1x white chocolatey lemon mousse bar
2x chewy nutty salted caramel bar
1x chocolate chip cookie dough bar
2x chewy nutty dark chocolatey sea salt & almond

Have you been wanting to try a Love Good Fats bar but don’t know where to start?  

Then our Family Variety Pack is perfect for you! Experience every bar flavor we offer, in one convenient box. All of our bars are Keto friendly, gluten free, soy free, contain no sugar alcohols and are made from natural, wholesome ingredients.

Also, only 1-2g of sugar, 5-10g of protein and 13-15g good good fats ... yumm.

product benefits : non gmo, gluten free, plant-based (selected flavors only), no sugar alcohols, no added soy, kosher, grass fed whey, sustainably sourced palm oil, and keto friendly

Try Our Bars Cold for a totally different texture.

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