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benefits of good and healthy fats.

there are benefits to 

including good and 

healthy fats to your diet

there are benefits to including good and 

healthy fats to your diet

  • increase energy

  • increase metabolism

  • reduce inflammation

  • improve brain function

  • improve mood balance

  • improve skin health

  • improve cholesterol

  • improve eye sight

  • improve happiness

add some healthy fats to your plate and see how you feel!

why our bars are so good.

the short answer: they taste ridiculously delicious and are good for you!

They melt in your mouth, are creamy and loaded with wholesome ingredients. Your taste buds will be in overdrive at the first bite. You will be in disbelief as they’re so, so good!  Most importantly, they’re very low in sugar (we are talking 1-3g/bar!), and also have 8 grams of protein and are loaded with as many good and healthy fats as we could possibly get in there.

If you need a snack between meals, to fuel a workout or before heading out for a beautiful road trip, this bar will keep you feeling fuller, longer.

as long as you don’t end up having to share it, which will probably happen, so you better bring a few with you!

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