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December 19, 2017 2 min read

After only 6 weeks: we're #1 and #2 Fastest Selling Skus
at a few Stores already!
We're barely just starting to get on the shelves - and sold out the shelves so quickly in September in the GTA as the demo's seem to drive so much demand. Despite that, we now have three stores sharing with us that Suzie's good fatstwo flavours are their best sellingskus,
outselling Kind
skus by +50%.


We knew that we have #ridiculouslydelicious bars
and that once anyone has a bite, they want to buy some (by the case now).
yet we certainly didn't expect to be top selling, and selling this much, this fast.

So a big ginormous Thank You for all your support, fast in-store support and word of mouth.

There are no words to express my elation! #morethanadreamcometrue
And Coming Soon:

Our bars will soon be:

Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Soy Free,
No Sugar Alcohol and of course Responsibly Sourced!

Look for the new logos on our packaging
We're also very excited to celebrate our recent Win of the prestigious Natural Product Award of Best New Product - Bronze - by Alive Magazine.

This is a tough Category to win in as so many wonderful new products.
And our brand was barely a few weeks old in September
when the Voting closed!

We so appreciate all your votes! #grateful and thank you!
Globe & Mail article on the high-fat low carb
lean and mean Keto diet!
Keto is it! Read why the most googled and hottest "diets" is Keto (ketogenic) and/or Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) - finally - in North America now.

#fat is back. #sugar is out.
Peek behind the Scenes:
having fun at Canadian Grocer Photoshoot :-)

Be sure to check out the December edition.. featuring me!
my Mission to change how North American's eat and my bars
#somuchfun #lovecanadiangrocer
Rocking it at Nature's Emporium - thank you for your support!
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